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Los Ibeyi

Los Ibeyi

The name Jimaguas given to these santos comes from Cuba a form of many names Mellizos, Gemelos, and Ibeyi. Many of the Ibeyi given today had there origins from the famous house of the "Jimaguas del Pelenque" of Cuba.

Lydia Cabrera in her book "El Monte" talked about these personalities: From 1880 on , on a farm in the jurisdiction of Mariano (Havana) there was a subdivision called Palenque, which was converted into the barrio of the Africans, a bit further from LA LISA and in front of a house known as the House of the healer, lived many Lucumi and criollos, All god-children of the famous Ibeyi's, two santeros Twins that where very important, with innumerable god-children in Havana. They where called the "Fathers of the Jimaguas", there names where "Perfecto and Gurmensindo" Many say or claim they owned Pelenque, which would of been true by the fame and honor of the black Africans and the Criollos of the area . "Palenque also was the sanctuary of the Ibeyis- San Cosme and San Damian although the main orishas where Ogun and Orishaoko..."

But according to Don Fernando Ortiz in his book " Los Negros Brujos" he claimed that the Jimaguas Palenque did not have Ocha made , But brought with them to Cuba the secrets of these orisha from there native land off the Southern Occidental coast of Nigeria. He goes on to say that the Jimaguas did not learn of these orisha from the native Africans of Nigeria but of Guinea , In which Guinea is formed by many tribes but mostly dominated by the Congos. As well Don Fernando talks briefly about the arrest of the Twins BY the authorities in the XIX century and the dolls they called Jimaguas where opened and documented that inside they found Human remains , horns of a animal, roots, earth, nails and rocks, also evidence of dried blood.

Also , in the study notes of A.B Ellis ( who worked with Don Fernando Ortiz) it was noted of a deity named Ibeyi considered the Governing orisha of twins in a town called Erapos in Nigeria ( there is no reference to this Town documented ) where it is stated that Ibeyi had a great temple where Twins and their parents where given in highest honor.

For what ever reason or Place of origin we today receive the Ibeyi , The ILES know that the Jimaguas Palenque are the Fathers of these orisha in our religion and we are all tied together , those that have the Ibeyi back to the famous Twins of Havana for this reason.

Origin Mythological of the Ibeyi :

The Ibeyi are in the category of the lower Orisha or also called "Orisa of addimu " a boy and a girl ...children of Chango and Ochun , although they where raised by Yemaya. Like all children they are playful, spoiled and mischievous. From the times of Africa they are the guiders and protectors of Twins and it is recommended that the youngest of the house receive them to protect them from sickness and general danger.

They are found to live in the Palm tree who they share with their father Shango. At the feet of the Palm tree their devoted followers take their offerings and do their ebos.

When a person is consulted and Eyioko falls (2) on the matt or what ever Odu in Melli the Jimaguas are talking as well in that Odu. they may ask for a party in their honor , a sacrifice of pollos or to be recieved. There day of worship is Sundays.

IN the Regla of Ocha the most famous of Ibeyi are Taewo and Kainde ( taewo is the first to be born but considered the youngest) Kainde was born second (but since she was closer to the umbilical cord she is the Oldest ).

Taewo and Kainde are more famous for the Pataki of the sign in IFA Otura Di (Otura the devil)

There are other Ibeyi as well that I have not mentioned :

Araba and Afna (male and female)
Ayaba and Aiba ( female both)
Olori and Oroina ( both female )

IN the Rama of Ferminita Gomez adored also are :

Alawa Kuario and Eddun ( those that play in the market)
Aden and Alabba ( the first eats lots of candy and the second lives with Yemaya)
Lbbo abd Igue ( both like toys)
Oraun (he who eats honey)

Ono- Nibeyi
- Beloved son of Oshun Ololordi ( the wife of Orunla) who's father in Known to be Orunla .. Of the Ibeyi it is said one is IRE and the other Osobbo , Osobbo died and iddeu took its place also a IRE. He is born in the Odu Eyeunle Melli (8-8) Baba Eyiobe. He is considered the lost child of Oshun and we sing "yeye yeyeo a iddeu" this passage talks of Oshun crying for her loss son . He is dressed in green and a cap that is green with a Ribbon of yellow he wears a ILde of Orunla and a eleke of Oshun . He loves semi precious stones and a piece of gold and silver . He eats Pollo and palomas. He should eventually be recieved by those that have the Ibeyi ... but also by children born as triplets .

song of the Ibeyi

Oba: Omo Ibeyi , omo Ibe karere
chorus : Kere kere ya
Oba: Alaba ina, alaba ibeyi karere
chorus : Kere kere ya
Oba: Meyila ese aremu meyiloro ese (bis)
Chrous : Kere kere ya
Oba: son dos los jimaguas, son dos a la bella aure
chrous : son dos los jimaguas son dos a la bella aure
Oba : son tres los jimaguas . son tres a bella
chours :
son tres los jimaguas , son tres a bella aure

This is repeated 7 times for there are 7 sets of Ibeyi

Obatala .... some avatars

OBatala ....

Before I begin :

As, the year's pass we learn the different camino's (paths) of the Orisa . Always , starting with our own Title Orisás .. The works I will present is taken from my notes that I have taken over the years from my Padrino's and other santeros mayores (elders). By no means does this mean ...this is the correct way or that one should doubt their godparents (Padrino's) by any means, in the way you have received your orisha's ... These are just notes that I have taken and collected for my personal use that I would like to share with anyone that would like to have a copy or a deeper understanding of each Avatar of the Orisa's .. Again , These works are my own and my own personal views , Our religion by no means has a uniform base's .... each Rama (branch ) and ILE (casa) give the orisa according to their Tradition. These Posts are only the way some ILES and Ramas re-enforce the Orisa's.

And, explain a bit about each orisa and their Avatars (camino's). again these are from notes taken with my padrino's and other mayores .. you may add to these notes if you like or add to your specific orisa notes that you have accumulated or just notes you would like to add . YOU , may find some camino's that you never heard of or a Camino of interest .. each time I get a chance I will add to these posts in hopes that you may enjoy or find something you did not know about that particular camino or Avatar of orisa ...

TO speak of Obatala is to talk of the soul and spirit. To name the father of all humanity He is the love and the guide to its Maximum expression.

His name is divided by words OBBA- translated to Powerful King ... and TALA : spilled , extension, expansion.
Together the two words become OBATALA, King of all the santos.
He is also called by many names ... example : ORISHA POPO ( orisha that works with Clay) and ORISHA ALA MORERE ( the orisha that possesses the clay ) . These last two names are associated with the myths that describe Obatala as the creator of the first man and woman of clay . Other names that are given to Obatala

Orisa ojenia: the orisha that made and created life and existence to mankind.
ALA baniase: He who gives fourth and takes This name given for his great powers.
Orisana : the great orisha
OBA ba arubo: the ancient father king or the father of the gray beard.
Orisa Gisbiniki: The Great and Understanding King Orisha .

Origin from History

The origin of the history of Obatala is easy to find.

First is his name ..OBBA that means King, TI that means of or belonging to , and ALA which has been misinterpreted by many to mean .."white" so "King of white " would be the result, which would be easy but if the accent placed on ALA is changed from acute to Grave . Another ,word derived from ALA is ... limit or frontier .

The ideas that associate with the god are referred with this from ancient Egypt. This could be discovered that Obatala was a king from the river Nile. The word ALA is a form modified from the words Latur au, laur-au, which is a name given by the Ancient Egyptians to the River Nile. Timn, the mathematician used the same name ALA is the designing of the spring off the Nile , which is called PHI- ALA . For this OBATALA could mean King of the Nile in a literary sense. Or God of the Nile in another sense religiously.

Once we determine the significance of the name it is not hard to find the original God of the Nile, and where Obatala derives from.

Obatala has been described as the Alpha or the person that works with clay , mud, etc. (Orisa -POPO-ALAMORE), "father of the gray Beard" (OBABA ARUPO). The Egyptian Path or God of Egypt is called Khu-MU he is described equal to Obatala from Ancient Egypt

IN PHILS, KHUMN is described as the same a potter who created man and the gods from clay. For this reason he is known as the creator of everything that exists.. Father of all fathers , the mother of all mothers, creator of the heavens and the world below, the water and the mountains, creator of the female and male birds, fish and animals and assigned to give life to small children. As exposed before with KHUMN , Obatala is attributed these qualities as well to almost every detail. We , could then come to the conclusion that Obatala is a survivor of the Khumn of old Egypt.

We could take other factors into account to come to this conclusion as well . Specialist's that have been working in ancient Egypt have found a large community of black residents lived in ancient Egypt who where originally from sub -sahara of ELEPHANTINE. It is very possible that the contact of these blacks of Africa, with ancient Egypt have produced the worshiping of KHUMN and changed the name to OBATALA.

Here is another great factor the word in ancient Egyptian (MASU ) had the meaning of molder of clay . And similar words found in Yoruba which are (MA) and (SU) which ment to mold and to be a molder .

The name KHUMN also is found in Yoruba . Its form in egyptian is KHUMN-MU and This word in Yoruba is found in the derivative of OCURRI or OCU(n) RI (n) or OCONRI (n) meaning Man.

So it could be possible that OBATALA survived in ELEPHANTE , re-placing KHUMN-MU as the great god of that city due to the mix of the cultures of Ancient Egypt and the culture Yoruba.

IN the importance of IFA , we find OBATALA. WE find him in the line of ascension situated below OLODUMARE. IFA shows that the higher rank of importance was given and understood that He created man upon the earth . Obatala is such a higher elevated orisha although he may not be our title orisha he is given the same respect as if he was and adored as such. He is so important to our head for he is the "OWNER OF ALL HEADS ON EARTH".

OLODDUMARE , is to say God and the creator , OBATALA However ,archetype within our sight-able and tangible world that together with OLODDUMARE they created mankind.

Obatala is known like the great God. He belongs to the psychic system, that is to the belief in the being of the spirit and the soul. He dominates in the adoration and respect to a great number of Yoruba's and influences easily in their religious feelings.His anthropomorphic description (that attributes to God in human figure) it takes him near the humanity, While is OLODDUMARE, is found to be sublime and cloudy the adoration is popular towards Obatala. The tradition says that OBATALA this only lower to OLODDUMARE and that therefore, He presides over to all the other deities.

Myths ................ or legends

There are many myths associated with OBATALA One he is represented second in command under Oloddumare.
Olodumare, says the legend , created everything including Obatala .But he did not conclude the work. Before going away to the celestial kingdom to live like an absent God he entrusted to Obatala the task of the creation.
It is also said that Olodumare created man only leaving Obatala in charge of making the face, mouth, nose, eyes and skin.
another Obatala as the creator of man and the first woman on earth formed from clay.
another pataki says he created the first child in the womb of the mother and created deformities in people . The Albinos adore Obatala and are said to be his legitimate children. And, yet another myth is that Obatala has the custody over the people entering and leaving the cities that are adored by him . For this reason he is said to be on horse with a lance accompanied by a snake , fish , turtle and a leopard ..

Some of the Paths of Obatala ...

This orisha has many forms of character From the purist to the more sacred and venerable's.

Ochanla : the old grandmother oldest of the female paths of Obatala . Also said to be involved with the act of creation. Trembling , she loves peace the calmness and silence. She deals with the intelligence of mankind. In ARARA they call her SOFIAKUTE

Oba IGBO: Is the eye of the "Santisima" Providence . With his wife IYEMU they represent the Fathers of creation and the ancestors of all the orisha .

Obanla: she was originally to be wed to Eleggua, but Eleggua got cold feet and when he didn't show up, Ayagunna saved her from disgrace by taking her hand in marriage.
which is why she always wears white. she was a virgin when she married ayagunna
her colors are white and coral pink . she avenged the death of Obatala when Orishanla threw him off the mountain. Obatala was cut into 16 pieces by that fall, and Obanla was born from one of those pieces. she killed Orishanla and took over his domain in the sky.
she rides a horse is about 26 years old fights with a smitar. no one weilds that instrument better than she, not even ayagunna. she is the godmother of Ile Ife.
and was one of Ayagunna's many wives when he ruled Elejigbo. Seyitenu is the Arara name of Obanla "she who gave light to the world"meaning..
(this information giving to me from Eguin Lade)

: is the king of the lands of Ketu. He is old a magnificent one. Others say that heis of the land of Iyesa. Messenger of Olofin, but also a gentleman of much calm. takes a walking stick with a Lechuza on top in a metal figure. He represents intelligence, discretion and experience. It lives in the Hill. Some old ones informed to me that he was sincretizado with San Jose of the mountain and that between His attributes took a hammer, a nail, a hand saw and a ruler in white metal.

Allaguna: Young imperfect, revolutionary and pendenciero
My padrino related things that he had listened to the old ones say that being albino (Allaguna) He was considered for the race of that time an imperfection. For that reason his father Olodumare hide him in a room. But he needed Shango to bring the 16 omolus to house of Olofin to overcome them battle and to secure the crown of Olodumare. Being Shango the guide,he considered that if he did judge them before Olofin, he would loose his political power and his force of control. Shango do not appear.
But Allaguna , seeing this , called to his father , and put on the clothes of Shango , his crown , and his sword, and mounted his horse and guided the omolu to the house of Olodumare, Recuperating all that was lost .Olodumare looked at his son and said: Look at my shame , with you my son ,you have saved me you will be called Allaguna ALLA DE GUMA, For this name means: loyal friend.. and you will Be the only Obatala with the power to fight against death. Invincible, undefeated and proud.

IN our history the stories of Allaguna tell us that Allaguna brought the wars the revolutions to the world and also Gunpowder. The arara call him EGUETU.

There is another pataki of Allaguna that says the world was in battles and Olodumare sent each orisha to try and stop it and none could . One day Allaguna said he could stop the wars and Olodumare sent him ... later that day Allaguna returned and told Olodumare that peace was now reining of the land .... Olodumare in surprize asked how he did it .. Allaguna told him he used his gunpowder and killed them all .

He represents the will of the character, voluntary and not to regret the decisions are what they are. If there is no discord there is no progress and it does not advance the world. His wife is called Eyuaro, she is the favorite daughter of Olodumare (she has no power in Ocha ) .she is only represented by a doll dressed in white next to his sopera.This Obatala spreads gunpowder and war by wherever he wants and goes. He is strong, young, it does not shake, He dresses in white with a red strip that crosses his chest, Since when cutting heads with his sword he wipes the blood clean on his white clothes. It was this Obatala that said to OLodumare: I will make the war until the day's end. And Olodumare answered . Until you feel the need to rest they will spend a millennium till that day arrives.

Owa Olofon, Oba OLOfun, OBa Lufon, Ocha Lufon, cha Lofon, BABA, Arubo:

this Obatala is very primitive. He is synchronized with Jesus of Nazareth . Also it is said that he is a old woman that when he comes down he is all wrinkled up , very small and shakes from being cold. He is covered from head to toe with a clean white sheet. All the orisha obey the commands of this Obatala , For by lifting his right hand and putting on their face , They become more tranquil and agree to follow his orders. His dance is very hard to do ... when he dances he is almost bend over to the ground and his hands drag on the floor . The spine is completely curved and with grace and timed moves he takes possession. Lydia Cabrera said that this Obatala comes from the lands of OYO, YEBU and EGGWADDO. He is the first to talk and gave humans the right to practice sex.

Acho , Acholo, Baba Acho
: is male y very little mentioned . He is synchronized with San Jose of the Montana.

Oba Moro /Obamoro : is male Represented by Jesus of Nazareth . THe son of olofin. his otans are four When he mounts his caballo he comes in the form of Jesus carrying the cross and all the attributes of the passion are applied to him. he falls when mounted and in need of support . he wears white and purple.

Baba Fururu: macho as the following : Ocha Orolu, Akeyabiano, Katioken Mabu . Is synchronized with San Joaquin. This Obatala sits and gives instructions to the more younger audience .

Ejun Yobi: There are no information on this Obatala only that he is synchronized with San Jose of the montana.

Yeku-Yeku, Yeku Ono
: some take him as a elderly man and others a elderly woman. synchronized with Cristo de Limpias and San Joaquin. He represents Patience and humility. His eleke is made of white cuentas with a ball of nectar and Ivory. He takes a cane . One puts a ball from the stomach of a cow he is also synchronized with the Holy Trinity .

Aleguema, Aguemo Yema, Aguema: is synchronized with Santa Lucia y for others the sacred heart. The chameleon is his messenger , It is said that he is the owner of the ceiba tree. Lydia Cabrera synchronized this obatala with San Jose. the messenger of shango and possesses his secrets .

Ekenike : from the land of Iyebu, Guardian of the town, war and a ancient who trembles. When he comes down one has to cover the room of Ocha, also where there is a tambor. THe caballo must be dressed in white or covered in white. and given a toy broom to go out and dance before the tambor he jumps in the air like a rocket. this Santo is surprised, gives I jump and soon begins to dance.

: This Obatala plays like she is deaf. Obatala female who is synchronized with Santa Rita de Casia . Talabi , is called in one chorus of the Jimaguas or Ibeyi. also her name is given to the Ibeyi who is female.

Orisa Boromu
:Boromú and Borosiá are two Egbado orishas and for part of the orisha fúnfún or white deities associated with Obatalá. They are believed to be twin offspring of Yewá. The father of these orishas may be Orúnmilá, yet in Cuba, Olorishas maintain that it is Shangó. They are closely tied into the worship of Oduduwá, Olokún, Erinle, and Yewá. It is believed that when Yewá first learned of her pregnancy, the embarrassment led her to attempt to provoke a miscarriage.

Orishas related to Obatala :

Eyuaro, Eruadye
... is the favorite daughter of Olofi and Iya. married with Allaguna
She is unalterable santa, does not move. It is necessary to speak with her so that Oba Moro sanctions.

OLOyueko : synchronized with the Divine Providence .

Suare: Lives in the mountains with Odua. Spirit of great Purity .

Yemmu or Yembo
: considered the mother of the orisha . synchronized with the Pure Conception

Oke: Loyal companion to Obatala orisa fun fun , some say the spirit of the Loma or montana.

Avatars of Yemaya ...

Avatars of Yemaya ...

Before I begin :

As, the year's pass we learn the different camino's (paths) of the Orisa . Always , starting with our own Title Orisás .. The works I will present is taken from my notes that I have taken over the years from my Padrino's and other santeros mayores (elders). By no means does this mean ...this is the correct way or that one should doubt their godparents (Padrino's) by any means, in the way you have received your orisha's ... These are just notes that I have taken and collected for my personal use that I would like to share with anyone that would like to have a copy or a deeper understanding of each Avatar of the Orisa's .. Again , These works are my own and my own personal views , Our religion by no means has a uniform base's .... each Rama (branch ) and ILE (casa) give the orisa according to their Tradition. These Posts are only the way some ILES and Ramas re-enforce the Orisa's.

And, explain a bit about each orisa and their Avatars (camino's). again these are from notes taken with my padrino's and other mayores .. you may add to these notes if you like or add to your specific orisa notes that you have accumulated or just notes you would like to add . YOU , may find some camino's that you never heard of or a Camino of interest .. each time I get a chance I will add to these posts in hopes that you may enjoy or find something you did not know about that particular camino or Avatar of orisa ...

the First will be on Yemaya that I hope to complete transferring over promptly ...

Again, to add to any post please send your request by email or by my private email located in my profile .. thank you

I will begin with Yemaya Mother of the Orisa (orisha)

Yemaya :

This orisa represents the excellence of maternity since we say she is the mother of creation and of all the santos. She is the Orisa that represents the Oceans and their contents.
The name Ye-mo-ja , is contracted from the word Yeye-Omo-eja: mother of the fish , using OMO as a generic name, for she truly is ONI .

Legend :

Their was no one left to marry, so Yemaya married Agallu . From this marriage a son Orungan was born they say Orungan committed Incest against his mother. When she realized what had happened she ran from him . Falling face down on the ground , from being tired of running. From her body the waters started to form into pools of water forming Lagoons . And, her body gave life to the Orisás.

Another version of this Pataki is of Olodumare and Obatala , where in charge of creation . Yemu (Yembo) reunited with Odu and she became pregnant . She went high on a hill , being nine months and her womb opened . From her vientre (womb) the waters flowed into the rivers of Africa the lagoons and each orisa there possessing a river body . The union of water and earth gave birth to Ozain and the Herbs. Thus , creating the cosmetology that we know of today .

Another Legend :

This legend says in Africa Yemaya fought with her son Ochosi in the lands of Ogun state , She became so upset and depressed that she cried and her tears formed the rivers Niger.

Caminos or Avatars of Yemaya :

Yembo (Yemu): Path of Yemaya in which many say is Oddua in female form . The union of OsaMelli (9-9) is where the true crown of Yemaya is born in Yemu and not in Odi (7) as many think ... and from her all orisha's where born .

Yemaya Ibu:
This Yemaya is born in Odun Iroso-Ogunda (4-3) . This is the path or avatar of this Orisa that not all is clear. Little is known about her and her path. This Yemaya lives with her sister Ochun in the river. This Path is said to be the Yemaya married to Orisa Agallu . When he comes to the river she leaves for her love meeting with him . She lives in a tinaja de barro and her collar (eleke) is of dark blue and light blue , and takes coral and azabache .

Yemaya Ibu Oleyo :
This Yemaya is born in Odun Ogunda -Iroso (3-4) she is from the land of Ayatero She eats Cornish hens . She lives in a tinaja of barro ,and we put inside , 21 conch shells , a boat on top of the tinaja , that is charged with Osain, belonging to her. She also has 7 wooden fish carved from cedar living inside with her. In this path she can be dressed in light blue or in coral color.

Yemaya Ibu Okoto :
This Yemaya is born in the Odun Merunla-Iroso (14-4) Ibu Okto means she who lives in the conches . The Ocean is of blood. Presides of naval battles . She lives in a Tinaja with 7 large conch shells from the Ocean. She takes a piece of wood from a ship wreck and Seven hands of shells. Seven machetes , are placed in front of her Tinaja, A blue Bandera; a lance and dagger. Her colors are of blue and rose ON top of her tinaja should be one large conch shell (COBO) , two oars two rings and 7 manillas (bracelets) of silver.

Yemaya Ibu Olowo:
This Yemaya is born in the Odun Oddi-Iroso (7-4). Olowo is the owner of all the fortunes that exist in the bottom of the ocean . One hand of caracoles live inside this path of Yemaya. In a box. This Yemaya has nine otas (seven black and two of arrecife) Also she has a Eleggua inside . which is a medium caracol .

Yemaya Ibu Asesu : This Yemaya is born in the odun of Oddi-Melli (7-7) She is the owner of the ducks, swans and geese. She lives in the latrines and swampy waters . Her name means "Forgetful". She is the messenger of Olokun . This Yemaya is of the turbulent and dirty waters. She is very sever. She eats duck . Receives the offerings in company of the spirits . She is slow to answer her followers. when asked a favor she takes her time and answering . She is who counts the feathers of the duck and when she messes up counting, goes back and starts over. IN Matanzas, they identify her with the Catholic saint "The Blessed Virgen of Remedies " Her eleke (collar) is light blue with Soap color beads. One should put a small drum. her bracelets of silver and a remolino. In ARARA they call her name "evejosia".

Yemaya Akere: Akere is born in the Odun Oddi -Ojuani (7-11) She lives in the deepest parts of the ocean . She takes a small porcelain doll inside her sopera , also sea turtle shells , a arrow of silver, a wooden boat of cedar , and a silver fish , a sword of silver and seven crystal balls ( marbles) .

Yemaya Oro: is born in the Odun (7-9). She is mysterious and lives with the Egguns. The meaning of her name is : " the mermaid that sings". This Yemaya is the one that wakes the spirits. Her favorite food is a duck . she takes inside her sopera , A mask of bronze, a sword of silver, seven conch shells, and seven plates. She has a crown that takes seven oars, seven rings, seven bells, a anchor, a sun, a machete , and a compass.

Yemaya Achaba :
is born in the Odun Osa Melli (9-9) she is from ARA ONU ( from the heavens) Osa melli is where the crown of Yemaya is born .... Her representation Direct is a Anchor. Her name means "she who finds refuge in the anchors". She eats ducks in a special manner . One puts a palangana with water from the ocean and anil , next to her sopera NOT INSIDE HER SOPERA , you take the top of her sopera and to the anil and ocean water you sacrifice the duck . Later, this duck has to be cleaned and put to bake , and you put this duck on top of her sopera for seven days colors are blue and black. On top of her sopera one puts a rolled up chain . A part from her traditional tools she takes seven fishing hooks , a silver mermaid, three dolls of porcelain, a Arrow of Ochosi in silver, seven machetes of silver, a sword , seven balls of crystal (marbles) the arara call her Itawollo.

Yemaya Okute or Okunte: this Yemaya was married to Ogun , she is born in Odun Ogunda melli ( 3-3) She is the helper and works with Ogun. Her complete name is Ogunte Ogunasomi. The ARARA call her Okuadume. She eats roosters with Ogun. She never eats ducks . Her colores are dark blue and a strong rose color. A extra charge to her is a wooden boat, of cedar, painted blue and white, another boat of Lead, a Yunque , a pinwheel , and a chain that holds the 21 tools of OGUN. this chain you put around the boat in her sopera . This Yemaya fabricated the Ocean , The pride and honor of the same. Usually her children carry the same character of the same . In Matanzas , this Yemaya the celebrate in August and represents the " the Virgen de las Nieves" She is the Yemaya of to cold waters for this her children make more money in the winter months . To ask a great favor of this Orisha One should include Ice in some rituals. She lives in the reefs off the coast. She is the doorman of Olokun . The same that you will find her in the ocean also in the river and lakes. Because she was the wife of Ogun , she will receive her addimu in the ocean or mountains. When at war she will wear hanging from her belt a knife and the tools of Ogun. This Yemaya works hard . She is a warrior , Baronil , and a Horrible Amazon . The Rat belongs to her and is her messenger. she can transform into a rat to visit her children . She , runs from the sight of dogs. for this reason her children should not have one in their house. She, has a violent temper and holds a grudge . she is a expert in magic arts and preparing powders. Dances with a snake coiled around her arm . The Corals and pearls are hers . She loves to eat male rams and roosters . She is not known to eat duck but , on special occasions when she asks for one you should give it to her in a special way ... in a palangana of ocean water you add anil take the top off her sopera and sacrifice the duck in the palangana NOT IN HER SOPERA OR OTAS.... and then sacrifice 2 roosters ...The arara also call her Ikondole.

Yemaya Mayelewo: This Yemaya is born in Odun Irosun - Ofun (4-11) she is the favorite daughter of Oloddumare. she lives at the bottom of the ocean . Where the seven currents of the ocean meet, stability is her predominance . She looks down on people with high pride, for this she looks at people from the side. She is good with businesses . A translation of her name is similar to "the one who loves money and business" This to the elders of Bahias say you can find her . She is the Yemaya that colored the waters of the ocean as we know them today . She wears a mask and a Ozun , she also like to have a duck of Lead to her tools , a blowpipe, a remolino , a snake of silver, and a reef rock . Her Sopera is big and sits in a basket with twenty one plates. the basket is decorated with 9 colors of fabric . has a chain with seven hooks , and she sits on a boat rope . her crown has all the tools of Ogun . The arara call her Aguanikoshe.

Yemaya Ibuagana :
This Yemaya is born in the Odun Iroso-metanla (4-13) Her name is translated in Yoruba to the Furious or the Crazy . IN this camino (path) she is the wife of Orisa Oko. Her beauty if famous, but she has seven lumps in her lower belly and one leg skinner than the other . She has a Ozain that has the head of a rooster , turtle and a guinea hen covered in blue beads. She works with ORO -ina, Orisha owner of the volcano's of the earth , the appears and manifests in Odun Iroso -Melli (4-4). Her sopera is covered in fabric of seven colors . she loves fans with feathers of Ducks . Apart from her traditional tools she takes a yunque , seven machetes , seven hooks , and a reef rock . The arara's call her name : Agwaralu.

Yemaya Atarawa: Is born in the Odun Iroso-Unle (4-8) Iroso Umbo. Her names mean " she who is in every moment is important" . She is the owner of the treasures of the ocean and land . She lives in a sopera that sits in a treasure truck . Her sopera you put jewelry around , sea shells , pearls , two mirrors , a sword , a compass, seven silver bracelets and a old key . From her crown hangs all the tolls of Ogun and seven Keys also a moon , and sun, a boat , two oars , tow stones, a sword and a compass. They say this Yemaya wears white , eats pigeons, and has white skin and her hair changes with the depth of the waters. There are those that say this Yemaya eats goat with Ogun. She will also at rare times eat a goose.
the Arara call her Tofodun

Yemaya Ibubunle :
This Yemaya is born in Odun Eyeunle Melli (8-8) Her name means " Sediment of the ocean". She lives on top of reef rocks and on top of her otans she takes reef rocks as well . One puts sea shells , sea sand , two large oars, a life jacket , a sword of lead, a boat of wood of cedar . She has a crown that hangs 7 manillas, two oars, two rocks , a fan , a harthingy , a hook, a sword , a boat, a compass, a seashell , a mirror , a whale , and a mask. Her colores are dark blue and soap white. The Arara call her "KEd**e"

Yemaya Ibu Akinomi : This Yemaya is born in the Odun Eyeunle-oddi . The meaning of her name is : 'When upset she could destroy the world" She lives in the cusp of the waves. One puts a boat , a mermaid , a half moon, a sea horse , a whale , and all her regular tools . she has a crown that one adds a buoy , seven manillas of silver, two oars , two rocks, a boat, a mermaid, half moon, a sun, a star, a fan, a sword, a dagger, a axe, Her colors are dark blue and light blue and green . the ARARA call her "SEd**e".

Yemaya Ibuconla : lives in the sea foam , this Yemaya one puts in a shawl of cotton . She is cold and lives in the nets of boats . She is born in Odun Oddi- Eyila (7-12). Her name means "she who builds ships" she is a poet . She takes feathers , compass and inkpot. her crown has seven manillas , two oars two rocks, a chair , a feather, a fan , a double axe, a male key, a machete , and a hand. Her colores are Persia blue and green crystal and red .

Yemaya Ibuina: Is born in Odun Osa-Ogunda (9-3) Her name means "Queen of the tragedy and arguments" This Yemaya is ready for the disputes and war. Some of her characteristics are of arrogance and forwardness. She eats carp and goats. along with her tools one puts a Ochosi , a fish, a pig, a snake, and a cane . On top of her sopera there should be a hat covered in leopard skin with seven crowies . inside should be seven mano's of caracoles , seven manillas, seven hooks two oars , and two Otas. her colores are rose and green . The Arara call her Menani

Yemaya Ogunayibo :
born in marunla -Ogunda (14-3) Lives in the river and the ocean. lives in a sopera covered in mariwo . Is a Yemaya of large breasts. She is the patron to older women . Is a warrior along side of OGUN.

Yemaya Ogunosomi: This Yemaya is born in the Odun Iroso-Obara (4-6) . she is a warrior with Ogun and Shango. she lives on top of the waters but also loves the mountains . Apart from her regular tools she uses two machetes , a arrow of Ochosi , a fish , a skeleton , seven manillas, a mask, two female keys , and one male key , loves plantain bananas. Lives in the lands of ARARA. Is a friend of Asojano. Drinks run and smokes tobacco . ON top of her sopera one puts a mask .

Yemaya Ibunodo : This Yemaya is born in the odun Ogunda-eyico (3-2) . Lives in the rivers . Inside her sopera a chain of 21 of Ogun's tools she eats Cornish hens . she has a Ochosi of silver.

Yemaya Yemase: is born in the odun Ocana-Odi ( 1-7) she has a crown in which one should hang seven crowies , seven machetes , seven axes, a boat and a arrow of Ochosi .

Yemaya Ibualaro :
this Yemaya is born in the odun Oddi -Ocana (7-1) She is the owner of life and death. she has a her tools and a lucero , a man, a woman, a machete , a Ochosi , a skeleton, a female key, seven otas , seven hooks , and seven smaller machetes , her sopera is painted in seven colors .

Yemaya Akuaro :
can be found living with her sister Oshun. she is a dancer, happy , and upright , Never does things in bad , she is the Keeper of the sick . Prepares medicines and ties up the evil spirits .

Avatars of Oshun/Ochun/Oxum

Avatars of Oshun/Ochun/Oxum ....

These are essays I have wrote to help people understand the orisa. These are notes I have taken from my padrino's and I would like to share with others .. By no means does this say you should doubt your padrinos and the form you have recieved the Orisa. Only that this is how some houses reenforce the paths of each orisa ... Again , I will say this is not the law ... Santeria had no guide book on how things should or no be done as a rule . Follow , what is right in your ILE or Rama .
(Some paths have no information only the Odun in which they are found)

Caminos of Oshun , Ochun , Oxum

Caminos or Avatars of Oshun (Ochun)

Oshun the goddess of the river that carries her name in Nigeria. They say she lives in a cave that still exists today in Ijesa, Nigeria north towards the river Nile. The second wife of Chango (Shango).

Although this Goddess is adored in many parts of Yorubaland , it is in the City of Osogbo, where her river passes , where she has a larger group of believers. The Name Osogbo is derived from the vocabulary of Oshun and Ogbo. Still today her followers where the Collar of the color amber. In Africa, her messenger is the crocodile. Her followers take offerings to her river and ask for help and favors.

This is the goddess of love, of happiness, also the owner of the rivers. Raised on the bosom of Yemaya , who gave her the fortune of the sweet waters to be her home.

This is found in the Odun of OseChe (9-5) where Oshun, in her efforts to help the world lost her fortune. After this she began to wash clothes at the river and people would pay her with coins. One day , her coin fell in the water and the current took the coin to the sea. She began to beg Yemaya and Olokun to return her last coin , for it was all she had to buy food for her children. The Gods she begged when they saw her, where moved by her story and pulled the great seas back till Oshun could see the riches at the bottom of the seven seas. But , Oshun only picked up her coin that she had lost and turned away. The Gods not understanding why she would only take her coin and nothing else , Said :

"For your honor and honesty we will give you part of our riches and the river as your home , But never again give it all away ."

There is a Pataki that shows the importance of the goddess: When olofi created the world , the heavens and earth would communicate through the Ceiba Tree. But , man defrauded the confidence of Olofi and he separated the heavens from the earth. From the beginning Olofi had given man everything to human kind . They had not plowed nor planted anything . For this man began to die of hunger. Oshun, seeing this transformed into the vulture and took a full basket of bread and black eyed peas to the heavens. There she found Olofi with hunger, And she fed him . Thankful for the food Olofi, asked what is it that she wanted in return for her favor. This is where she interceded for mankind.

Olofi, said those that defrauded me he could not do nothing for them . But , for her offering of the food he ate, but half way back down to earth there was a man that could help her. Upon reaching halfway down Oshun came upon Orisa Oko who farmed and saved.
Oshun grabbed all she could that he had grown for hundreds of years that he gave her . She returned to the earth , with all she could carry . And fed her people. For her act of generosity they crowned her queen .

Lets see how important is this goddess , Blessed by the other Gods and Olofi himself , and how important she is to the religion Yoruba.

Caminos or Avatars of Oshun

Oshun Ibu Kole : inseparable from the vulture, with whom she works . Her name means " the one who picks through and recovers the garbage and powders". Watches over the home. Lives in a tinaja of clay. One may put at times to eat in a palangana of water. She takes in her attributes: a doll of porcelain or plastic, two pool balls , two mirrors , 5 feathers of a vulture, 5 mortars (found in pharmacies) Her Otas live on top of a rose of Jerico. One puts a fan made of vulture feathers and with white beads. She is born in the Odun Eyeunle-Ojuni (8-11) . Others say in Odun Obetuanilara. She has a crown that is adorned with vulture feathers and two mortars, a broom, two oars, a sword, a moon, a cup , a bell, a drum, a trident, a comb, a hand, a pilon, and ten spears. One puts ten African Loro feathers and this can grow to fifty five . she takes a basket with five needles for sewing, thimble and thread. She has a ozain that is made for her and hangs over her Tinaja (anyone wanting the contents of this ozain may contact me for details) Once this Ozain is made it is fed next to Oshun . The Ochinchi of this Oshun is made with limo de rio , ceraja , bledo blanco or acelga. Inside her sopera she lives with a Arrow, fifty five bracelets of gold, forming a necklace and ten spears. Other Texts tell us that this Oshun is the smiling goddess and of exuberante characteristic that fell to the aspect lowest and poorest of all. They say she rolls around in the mud and streams, almost in the misery. Owns only one dress that for washing it so much she turned it from white to yellow . She is the highest of Aje (witches) and knows how to make and cast spells . The vulture is her symbol , and her messenger who conveys her whims. They say in this camino or avatar she only does bad things. Eats what the vulture brings her . Remember in Cuba this is the Oshun that is Honored above all . This Oshun eats goat two black hens, and two black pigeons and her guinea hen .

Oshun Ololordi:

Her name , translated means "Revolutionary" she loves to fight with Iron and the machetes. In this camino or avatar she is the Warrior. TO call this Oshun ones uses the cowbell and the machete. Her crown is adorned with coral to ones liking. She also takes a deer antler covered in beads of Orunla. One puts a horse of bronze or porcelain. she lives on top of a Ifa table with beach sand or sifter river dirt. One puts scarf's of silk and Ochinchi of bitter broom and lettuce. Her symbol is the Lechuza. Her sopera should be in colors of Green and rose.

Generally , she does not like yellow . she also takes five caracol shells Large of Aye. a Yunque in front of her made of cedar. IN ,this path to resolve problems of her children she eats lechuza. This ceremony if very difficult and hard . She is owner of the dams of the rivers. she is the wife of Orunmila , mother of Poroye, the daughter she lost in Odun Metanla(13). Has a son who's name is Oloche that has no representation in Catholicism . She has two hands of caracoles and five more otas she eats goat and deer. She eats alone or next to her husband Orunla. From her crown hangs a house, a double edged axe, a arrow of Ochosi , two oars, twenty five rings, two tables of IFA, two simple axes, a machete , two large oars and five Loro feathers . The crown should be the size of the head of the person that has this camino or avatar . She takes a sewing basket with five needles to sew , a thimble , thread , scissors. One puts the antlers of Ochosi or if one can the head of a deer. A Hand that is hollow made of brass that is filled with four aches , Ivory, amber , and corals. Is the Warrior, not to be taken as a fool , she defends her children and those that are in her graces, Never can be destried by her enemies. One puts four train spikes next to her to calm her anxieties to go to war that she has. She is dangerous when she is upset or mad at her children. Nobody can raise her from the floor till she says she is ready to be raised. She also has a Ozain (email me for details). In Catholicism she is portrayed as the "Virgen of Guadalupe".

Oshun Ibu Akuaro
: Who's name means the Cornish hen. when this Oshun comes down one puts their finger in their ear and their hand on their head . Out of respect since they say she is the Oshun without a crown. She likes to eat with Yemaya hens that are ash in color. IN a special case she takes a tri-angle inside her sopera with three daggers hanging from the points this is sort of a talisman. Born in Ojuani -Melli (11-11) she eats Cornish hens. She takes a head band made in the form of a snake the size of her child's head . She takes a maja snake , with feathers of a cornish hen, that decorates her tinaja . She has a secret name , known to her children. She takes two long spears, two large oars, two cornish hens, a boat, a moon, a mirror , a sword, a needle, a fan, a double axe, ten bracelets , ten arrow of ochosi . She like five scarves green and yellow. Next to her sopera she like a sewing cushion , a deer antler, and a cowbell , and her baston of Akuaro , that lives beside her. This baston is made from Mangle roble, that is washed and feed with Oshun in a large ceremony ( cant give out details). Asojano was the husband of this Oshun . This baston is called Akinoro, Symbolizes a Eleggua, others say her husband for this its name.

Oshun Ibu Ana:

Her name means "Owner of the drums" is born in the Odun Oturpon Obge. Others say in the Odun Ofun -Ogbe (10-8). She lives on top of a drum different from the Bata. she takes three drums in front of her and a Ozain (ask me the details) Her crown is the size of the person that is her child and carries three drums, three guiritos, two spears, two oars, ten rings, and ten fish hooks. Others say her name means "she who does not hear the drum , but runs to it ". One of the characteristics of this Oshun is she hears nothing, One must ring five bells at one time for her to hear . Her children have to beg her for her help.

Oshun Anani;

Her name is translated to "she who love the arguing" or "Famous for the arguing". She lives in a tinaja . She takes a fan of bronze covered in bells and caracoles. Others say a regular fan covered in 25 bells and 25 caracoles washed in Oshun. But this fan is not given to her till she asks for it . along with her normal tools one puts a sun, a moon, a machete , a sickle, and a Hoe. Her crown takes a fan, a pick, a hoe, a cauldron, five rings, a snake, five feathers of Loro, a sthingy, a comb, a mortar, two hair combs, a half moon, a shovel , a small chair, a boat, a sunflower, a double axe, scissors, and a ladder of five steps, a drum and a mirror.

Oshun Ibu Yumu :

Her name means "one eho is born from which the woman is not pregant" Within the contexts of the Oshun's they say this Oshun truly is deaf. Her physical characteristic is her excessive beauty . Many say she is born in Odun Ica Melli others in Ochefun (5-10) . In her attributes she takes five bugles and a cowbell. They cover her in five scarves of silk of green and yellow. also she takes five machetes , a horse, ten bracelets, twenty-five arrows , twenty-five pieces of chain, One puts a basket full of everything to sew and knit, for this keeps her busy . She is owner of the Insect the Wasp , dominator of snakes ,. The horse she takes is called Alguero. she sits on a pilon of bronze . In her addimus she like quimbobo, that's taken five days later to the current of the river to win her favor. One should put a large axe to her . she takes a Ozian (as me the details). This Oshun is great and honored in businesses.

Oshun Ibu Odonki
: This Oshun lives where the river is born . Her name means SHe who lives where the stream is born" She is the essence of the mud of the river .Owner of the streams. She lives on a pilon and takes a sewing cushion, a snake, a moon, two large spears, two oars, five arrows of Ochosi and a sword. She has a Crown that hangs three drums, five spears, five oars, five Ochosi arrows, five needle to sew, a sun, a machete , a hoe, a house, a dagger, five rings, and five snakes.

Oshun Ibu Ogale: her name means "lover of keys " or "owner of the keys" she is born in the Odun Obbara Melli (6-6) she lives around roofing tiles. she is old and a fighter. she is not a oshun that likes to be bothered. Apart from her normal tools she takes a male and female key. a arrow of Ochosi and armor, ten bracelets, a pick, a rake, a shovel, a yunque, and a trident, her crown takes these tools.

Oshun Ibu Acuanda:
her names means "she who takes on death" born in the Odun Icafun (1-10) One puts 10 vases of Honey , lives in a chair . One puts five scarves of green and yellow . She was freed chango from jail after Oya imprisoned him there. The pataki says , That after Chango promised marriage to Oya he did not complete the marriage. Oya locked him in a tower surrounded by the dead , something that he is scared of. And he promised this Oshun if she freed him he would marry her as well . She blew cascarilla on the lock and it opened . but chango did not furfill his bargin with her either. This history is found in Odun (9-5) Osache. Her crown carries a cross, five machetes that hang from it , five simple axes, ten rings, a mirror, two combs, two spears. The ARARA call her Agokusi.

Oshun Ibu Adesa:

Her name means "she who has her crown secured" Others say " she is the crown" she is owner of the peacock. her sopera should be covered in peacock feathers. She lives in a basket covered in mariwo she is born in Obeche (8-5) the Arara call her Aboloto

Oshun Ibu Allade:

"she who is queen" she has ties with eleggua. she does the same work as eleggua does. works day and night and gets confused.her crown is formed from material of Yellow and green and 15 Loro feathers that is covered in 15 caracoles. The ARARA call her Yisa.

Oshun Akuase Odo:
Her name means "she who is born dead from the river" she lives on a pilon . one puts five bottles of water from five rivers. she eats the same as Ololordi . she works with the spirits since she is a spirit as well . the ARARA call her Totokusi.

Oshun Ibu Bumi :

This Ochun represents the shrimp of the river .. she eats deer, all animals offered to her should be white. born in Odun Oche Osa( 5-9) she has her own eleggua that is made in a Aye caracol.

Oshun Ibu Eleke Oni :
meaning "she who carries honey in her heart " This is a worker Oshun of good character and vthe other Forum ntary force. she uses a baston . When she comes down she loves to have honey on her body . she lives near the plant paradise. she wears a snake around her . She is born in Medilogun melli (16-16) her crown has 101 pieces.

Oshun Ibu Itumu :

Possesses the sprint of a man . Is the authentic Amazon warrior. Eats goats capo as well as female goats. Takes a chain around her sopera in which the tools of Ogun are hung. Does whatever kind of work . she is a fierce fighter. she rides the ostrich into battle. When she battles in water she makes a ladder of the crocodiles . Her home is the lagoon. She is always in company of Inle and Asojano . For this reason of battle the keep her near. IN times of trouble her children offer and whole goat . Her offering is a cup of epo and Oti in front of her sopera. she has her own Ozain that lives in a tinja next to her sopera. the Ozain eats when she eats (ask me the ozain) born in Obara Metanla (6-13). IN arara they call her Jueyague.

Oshun Ita Timibu:

born in the Odun Ireteyero. Others say in Odi Osa (7-9) she lives with Orun , next to her sopera. she is the leader of the society of Hiyalodes. Her Ozain is loaded in a head of cedar. THis Oshun only comes out at night. she likes to move by boat. she is the sister to Ibu Nigua. Her children should not have dogs in the house. takes a cahin with all the tools of Ogun, achaba. A large Thunder stone. (ask me the ozain of this Oshun) Her eleke has white, coral , black, and tramaline, and the colors of Orunla.

Oshun Ibu Aremu Kondiamo :

Is the Oshun of the mountain. she pays for her use of ewes for the ceremonies of Ocha. she is Osainista. dresses in white. her eleke is coral and white with beads of Orunla. she is a mysterious Oshun . they say she is the Obatala of the river. they say she helped Orunla dismember a elephant in Obekana. she lives on top of a table of IFA. she takes a frontal of a deer, and one should rub her otas with cascarilla and cacao.

Oshun Ibu semi :

lives in the small inlets around the river. One should put a rock of copper. The araras call her Ajuanyinu.

Oshun Ibu Fondae:
this Oshun died with Inle. She is a warrior and carries swords. she takes a doll covered in white dots and Loro feather on the head. her addimu is name. One offers half oranges with sandalwood. The arara call her Zeguen.

Oshun Ibu Odoco: Is a Tuff Oshun . always in company of Orisa Oko . For this she is a farmer born in the odun Obekana (8-1) takes a doll covered in all the beads of the orisas.

Oshun Ibu Awuayemi:

This path of Oshun is blind. she talks in the odun Oyekun Melli . she lives with Asojano and Orunla. she take five canes in bronze and a horse.

Oshun Ibu Elenda:
born in Odun Oche Leso (5-4) no information

Oshun Ibu Idere Lekun : Lives in the caves, dances as the waves hits the reefs of the ocean . she controls the tambor. and wears a mask for she is deformed in teh face born in the Odun Oddi Osa (7-9)

Oshun Ibu Inare:
Daughter to Ibu Ana . lives on top of riches and money . she lives in teh beach sand , one puts a garabato of palo llamao .

Oshun Ibu Agandara :

This Oshun sits in a chair , carries a lock , one should put a lot of name , because it is her favorite food born in Odun Ikadi (1-7)

Oshun Oroyobi:

Olokun gave her the sand inside the caracoles , Salmon is her favorite food. with the sand she made the boarders of the rivers.. This Oshun is born in Odun Okana Oche (1-5)

Ibu Siegan:
Queen of the coqueteria ... Born in Odun Okana Oggunda (1-3)

Origin and Significance of the TOOLS of the Orisha

Origin and Significance of the TOOLS of the Orisha

Inside the original concept of the Religion Yoruba , The so called Tools of the Orisha that accompany the Otans where never present. For this one must think that in Cuba they where incorporated in the rituals of the religion for the conditions the salves where living in Cuba.

What is true in the end of century XIX and the beginning of the century XX, Santeria suffered a important restructure and organization, the years in where the name Regla de Ocha was founded. This incorporated the Tools and formed the Definition of tools of Ocha as a basic to all houses.

Below I mention the tools and a bit about their use and meanings. Now , I dont claim to know everything.. SO ask your ILE and Rama if these apply to your house before you go changing or doubting what you have been given or recieved BY your madrina or Padrino .

Ogun : Is the God of metals; the protector of Labor work on the earth . His is represented by a caldron of Iron, inside the caldron in a Yunque (awl) on the yunque metals can be transformed and in his hands metals can be converted into Utensils to help mankind. He also has a Rake, a hoe and a machete and other tools representing the work of man on the earth. These tools represent the constant activity of being human, Looking for the constant better conditions of Life for himself. When this orisha is re-enforced one puts more instruments inside the cauldron Like a Iron chain, Train tracks, nails of the line of train, horse shoes, knives, cannonballs, and including instruments of a surgical doctor, and scissors. and lastly a arrow that is the representation of Ochosi.

Ochosi : Is the hunter of this Religion. When one receive's him , his tools are two antlers of a Deer , representing the future of who receive's him . Three lances, Three arrows , three machetes, three bow and arrows , Armour, and two dogs that represent his group of hunters. And a Trident that points upward , that represents the force and power of being human on the earth and the justice that Ochosi to shoot his arrows. Of course this santo also has Otans and a hand of caracoles .

Shango : God of the Lighting Bolt and of Battle. Of course he can not be without his tools. These are decorated from cedar wood, his favorite tree. These are 6 tools .. A axe, a double axe, a Lance, a dagger, a machete , and a arrow. These tools symbol his condition of warrior and invincible. With these tools Shango could battle anyone under any circumstances.

Agallu : Originally this orisha had no tools, Because he represents the force that is invincible against all the elements of the earth. Only had to have his Otans, That at one time was only taken from a Lava stone. Later three tools where given to him a baston , a arrow and a Lance. With the baston he could carry the weight of those that needed him that he would carry them through the hardest times and could count on him. The other two tools where to show his power over the earth. There are houses where Agallu is born with 7 tools that symbolize more or less the same.

Ochun: Goddess of the river and of laughter and honey. Only has her crown and oars as her tools. The crown symbolizes she is a Queen , from her crown there are five Lances to remind one that not only she is the sweetest but also a warrior and will not hesitate to fight for her children. Her Oars represent the balance of Good and Evil, and the balance in the path we should take in life.

Yemaya : Goddess of the ocean mother of the Orisa's . Her tools should be made of Lead since salt water will not destroy them over time. The moon , symbol of the character of mother of the orisha . A half moon , representing happiness that she brings in her character, The presence of the two moons reminds us of the balance and how it influences the ocean. A sun , to remind us the flame of a fire of which eater can put out. But without the sun there is no life on the earth. Also a life jacket of a boat, that she will save us before we drowned. A pair of Oars to remind us again of Good and Evil and maintain balance, A mermaid , that has no real significance but to remind of us her beauty. A Anchor to remind us to have stability in life.And, Seven bracelets that is her mark or Vibrating number (7) Odi where our religion was born. Besides being a Queen Yemaya does not have a crown unless specifically ask for in Ita with (4-4) Iroso melli or (4-8) Iroso Umbo . This Odu asks for a crown. The reason is to remind one with Odu that their head is to carry a crown keep it high and never pass needing things in their life. Yemaya Okunte, that made a pact with Ogun to only use his tools on her crown .

Obatala: The owner of all heads of the world. Father to all mankind. His tools are made of silver or another white metal. A half Moon , that represents Yembo, First Obatala that gave life to the orisa's, A sun to remind us that the power of Obatala has over all mankind. A ring to that represents the planet earth , where we live, and his suburbia over the planet. A Pauge that consists of a closed fist , This powerful tool reminds us the force and firmness that Obatala Governs . A 21 or a serpent that symbolizes the good and bad on the earth. IN some houses they add as a re-enforcer two (2) eggs made of Marfil (ivory) Since according to mythology of Orisa This material was made in the house of Obatala in the heavens. And of course the Agogo or bell that we use to call Obatala.

OYA O"YASAN: this Orisha owner of the air and wind, Has no Tools as such, Only has her crown that talks of her character as a Queen. This crown has nine points and hangs the tools of Work, and Hunt, and a mask that represents death, a 21 or serpent that represents the good and evil , A centella which is a element that she possesses and expulses from her mouth when she bothered. A machete with which she commands the army of the spirits, and a hammer. Not one of her tools but a attribute that is very important to OYA is her Horse tail of dark color, who's handle should be covered in nine different color beads. This , Iroke o Afiza is used to clean a person from death or very bad health. The reason the tools of agriculture and work , hang from her crown is when she lived with Ogun and abandoned him for Shango, OYA Promised to always keep his tools for respect.

Significance of some of the Tools of the Orisha's of addimu :

Orisa OKO: Owner of the earth and all its produce. This orisa is firmness and prosperity on the earth. His tools consist of a Plow and two Oxen and a umbrella that reminds us that those that receive him one needs to plow their own destiny to come ,and we should plant in the ground where we are standing, by this means we harvest the good and bad of life, that we should plow and take care of the earth and remain firm on top of it . He also has a man standing behind the plow that represents Orisa Oko and two coconuts of red and white . These colors have a meaning of which White is the symbol of peace we need when planting , Work and receive our bounty . The red means the force and constant work.

Inle: Doctor of the religion also a fortune teller of sorts. Has a fundamental tool of a Trident with a maja snake wrapped around the center and three fish hanging from each prong of the trident. This represents the Knowledge of this orisa and the prosperity that this orisa grants to all that receive him. Inside his sopera is a 21 or serpent , representing the good and bad. He has three fish that are consecrated that help in a determined moment, to save the life of a person. With Inle is born Aburutu and Abata nurses that work and live with him.

Olokun : Represents the prosperity of the ocean and its mysteries , But also its riches and stability . Lots of iles of santo only give otans and seashells since this is considered the sufficient form founded for this Orisa . In other cases when she is recieved there is a representation of two spirits that accompany Olokun. One that represents life , Samugagawa and the other Death , Acaro. These are represented by a doll that has her arms extended and from one arm hangs a mask this is Samugagawa and the serpent that represents Acuro (death). Also included are the tools of Yemaya made of lead Also a Moon that represents the happiness of life a Sun that represents the power of this Orisa is so great that she can dowse out the flames of life. A rudder to remind us the path that he guides us , A pair of oars to remind us of the good and evil and to keep them in balance. A mermaid to remind us the beauty of Yemaya, seven hoops that represent her essence and to remind us of her seven children (7 jimaguas). It is important to emphasize if you have a Olokun of santero/a and you do not have these Tools to follow the tradition of your ILE and Rama of santo , For these should be respected in the form given .