Monday, April 28, 2008

Jealousy within the religion

I personally would like to take this time to bring a subject to light , something evil and dark that lurks in areas that some of us dare not look or tread. Something worse than any trabajo or enviation spiritual . The word alone brings fear about?? So you need more clues to what I am speaking of ??

This is something in all my years of being in this religion I have seen from Santeros , Babalawos and Paleros alike.

Ok !! What am I talking about ? I am talking about religious jealousy . It is not impossible to see or find these people that in one form or another have a shadow that follows these people and by their actions and comments they tear and tarnish the names of those that have worked hard to accomplish and achieve a status within our community.
-Yes there exists a brother/sisterhood within our religion . The logic says we must respect and take into account those that serve as a example to move ahead but many times this just the opposite occurs with our community .

Definition of Jealousy :
Jealousy is an emotion experienced by one who perceives that another person is giving something that s/he wants or feels is due to them (often attention, love, respect or affection) to an alternate. For example, a child will likely become jealous when their parents give sweets to a sibling but not to them. An adult may become jealous if they observe that their lover is flirting with someone else, perceiving a threat to their relationship. While the child's jealousy might be assuaged if they received candy from their parents as well, the jealous lover desires that the affections of their lover be directed exclusively to themselves and would not be assuaged by an equal share of attention.
Some authorities (e.g., Rawls, A Theory of Justice, 1971) distinguish between jealousy and envy on the ground that jealousy involves the wish to keep what one has, and envy the wish to get what one does not have. (Thus, the child is jealous of her parents' attention to a sibling, but envious of her friend's new bicycle.) This is problematic in that, e.g., a teenager may be jealous of the affection a rock star bestows on his fiance, even though the teenager neither has nor thinks she has that affection herself. Others suggest that the key difference between envy and jealousy is the involvement of a third party: it is not merely that the jealous person wishes to have the attention for himself, or that the third party who is getting it would not get it, but rather that he wishes the person of whom he is jealous would not give that attention to a third party. Some even claim a distinction between jealousy and envy insofar as while envy is the carnal desire to possess something that is not yours, jealousy is the righteous feeling that one has towards that which is rightly his (such as a spouse's fidelity).
Another common distinction between jealousy and envy is that envy is the desire for something in general (one envies a friend's new bike), whereas jealousy is the desire to have something in particular, and to take it from someone else (one is jealous of a friend's girlfriend).
For this kind of reason, some have suggested that jealousy most centrally concerns one's perception of oneself. (Jeffrie Murphy, William Pennell Rock). The perception that a person whose evaluation matters a great deal to us prefers someone else can make us doubt our own worth.

analysis of this concept , The first thing we can say is that the person who is jealous lives with the feeling that changes the way they perceive others . That they wish to achieve themselves and with this feeling they are closing the IRE and bringing the osogbo upon their head . To be in this circumstance they do not focus their Physical and mental capabilities on their own path , enlightenment , or ashe . And, this jealousy becomes a Permanente wall of achieving their own goals.
IN this state of mind their ongoing mixing of emotions and clashing of thoughts , IN the beginning they wish to have what they think they are lacking from this person . The jealous person thinks as if by magic and no dedication , they can achieve everything they desire and instant knowledge , that with this they can achieve everything they desire . Here is the point in this conduct that the jealous person deceives himself for understanding , that from dedication and study and practical training the OTHER has gained the right of comprehension and knowledge to speak .
At this point the jealous one becomes in admiration for what one has found , this admiration then brings about the feeling Well if he can do this , why cant I ! this brings the jealous person to a feeling of possible denial and hard times to assume his /her own responsibilities .

A person who is jealous feels the pain and loss of self esteem , and many times in their thoughts they call to God, the orishas and their destiny , because they feel it is in-just the difference between them and the other.
The results of this , the person is closed to understanding the differences , that brings them to the level of paralysis that does not allow them to see beyond what really is bothering them . The jealous person is unable to permit themselves to see how this Person got their merits . ON the other hand, also they are unable to understand the empathy for the other , On how they may feel by someone that is jealous towards them, with out motives.
When someone decides in this world that others feelings should have comprehension y backing , these are not found in the mind of a jealous person . The worst jealousy can be found in those of brothers of blood, brothers and sisters of the same religion , between friends , co-workers and even neighbors .And, in these cases we know that some are not necessarily more intelligent , nor are they better than others, Only that they cease the right moment and opportunity .

Define Jealousy

The knowledge : How does one acquire this in our religion .. IN function in the study of books , notes and documents, also the ceremonies that they work in and in the conversations they may partake with those that are of elder status . To acquire this knowledge is the same in Santeria , IFA and Palo it is the sacrifice of time with the family , Lots of hours stolen from rest , to be in a relationship with the partner. Knowing there is a computer chip that one can put inside the head to store all the knowledge that one could achieve wouldnt that be marvelous !!! It wouldnt cost nothing no hard work no studying no hard work

The prestige : In proportion direct to the knowledge one can obtain .. is your prestige and knowledge ..In Ifa, Ocha or Palo to enjoy prestige and knowledge is also to achieve respect and give it as well ..

The Ashe: One of the biggest things that brings jealousy is the ache of a person . That together with the spiritual guides that permit this person to resolve problems of the people being consulted , godchildren with the fastest punctuality , and least work and a superior effectiveness in the works and ceremonies that are done.

The status occupational : Weather the person be a doctor , a painter or a Oriate jealousy is around the life style and Occupational life style of the person .

Money and Material Possessions : if I had their money .. I would do OK if you had the money do you know what it took to get that money ??? Did you think that the money that was left over after a ocha was millions ?? I guess this person doesnt have to work ?? Or have a job ?? Jealousy , rears it evil head again in this area ..

Each person came into this life and religion with a reason and destiny to fulfill

But also by ones Odduns in Ita the life is decided on how and where and in what function one is to assist the community. Some as Oriates , others as Babalawos and Apetebis and some as dayum good Olorishas .

What ever the Ori has for you is what you shall and what you will ever be Not everyone was selected to be a Oriate , Omo Oddua , elegun but maybe a Olorisha of respect is what we are all made to be and what we should strive for

SO beware young Olorishas and those that may find this evil brewing within .. Jealousy only hinders your path and enlightment in the path to ashe

Remember the wize words ... If you have nothing to add or contribute best to remain quite .. than bring araye and Osgobo on your head

Please feel free to bring your questions and answers to light on this board ... but please do not feel that anyone is above or below you ... I myself am wrong at times and I admit it , if it is pointed out to me ...

But please lets keep the Egos and the evil green monster away from this board and in our hearts ...

Ok getting of my soap box know Just hoping maybe someone will gain a bit of knowledge and insight from this post

Lov and light to all

OTA OMI aka woof

what does this religion mean to you ? my indepth thought and feelings on this question

Recently, someone asked me what does my religion mean to me?

How does one begin to answer this question? I guess as honestly as possible ..

This religion began 300 years ago in Cuba with the intermixing of the Lucumi , the Congo Loango , Mina, Mose, Macua, and the Carabali .

Over time these tribes all intermixed bringing together what we now know as Lucumi and Regla de ocha .

Regla de ocha (Rules of ocha ) where formed in order to preserve the religion , as we know it in Cuba .
In today’s world many of the newer Olorishas are mixing many other religions trying to rekindle a ties with Nigeria. Not that I say this is bad , but the religion was able to flourish and survive in the new lands because of those that came before us . They held on the ceremonies and the rituals in order to maintain a balance of the orisa.

Ask around, how many Olorishas are still with their original godparents … ( exclude those that where made in Cuba) very few will answer. Many scream falta de respecto ( loss of respect ) or that their philosophies did not match those of their teachers . Or they left because of the godparents lack of knowledge or just plain they where lured from their original godparents because of greed .

Shameful to look out and see so many lost souls , Inventing as they go through life trying to absorb the little or a lot that can be taught from others .

If the lagua lagua of the past where here , tears would fill their eyes to see what a mess has been made of a beautiful religion .

What does my religion mean to me ?

It means Respect to my elders , the beauty of the orisha they health they give us , stability , a way to clean myself of the osorbo that comes in my path .. To give reverence to those that came before me , To hold on to those traditions that have been past down from generation to generation of Olorishas , without mixing more and more traditions into a Hodge podge of eclectic ramblers who further seek to incorporate orisha that where lost to the Lucumi of Cuba .

I see so many people enter this religion only to want to change the face and structure of what the original Lucumi bore the weight of slavery to preserve…. I ask them , why do you even Moyuba those that have past to ara Orun ? Why did you even enter this religion , if you did not want to follow the rules of those that came before ?? Look deep into your soul and can you honestly say this is where you want your religion to go ….